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Faulty AC is such a big headache, especially during summers. The continuous running and poor maintenance of the system frequently breakdowns the system and you have to live under hot temperature. AC repair is not an easy task so you need to hire professionals to work for the repair service. We have a team of well-qualified and experienced technicians who work with the latest repair tools for the cover-up of the faults. Our working module is very specific where we update about everything to clients. We are even available for an emergency AC repair service to resolve your problems. Our working module includes:

  • Analyzing the details and knowing the intensity of the problem
  • Trying to know the type of damage and solution for the same
  • Prepare the repair estimate
  • Replacement of any part, if required

Why professional AC repair service is needed?

You can work personally on the system at the time of fault but it may be a risky step if you are not informed or trained. AC repair is an engineered service where DIY action is no possible. So, if you find faults in your system, you should connect with professional AC repair service providers. You will get an immediate response along with quality service.

We at Kumarac NYC are professional AC repair service providers with huge experience to repair all residential and commercial air conditioning systems and equipment. We have a wide range of inventory to expedite the repair process. We have trained and knowledgeable staff to deal with all kinds of AC problems without any mistake. We are confident with our team because we emphasize frequent training to keep them updated.

Not only our service, but we are also very concerned about your feedback for the service and try to make further improvements based on the same. We also give another option for you to trust us is the warranty on the service that we provide. You can repeatedly call us if you are not satisfied with our work and we will work for you without any additional cost.

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