Packaged Terminal Air Conditioners (PTAC) and Packaged Terminal Heat Pumps (PTHP) are ductless, convenient, all-in-one heating and cooling solutions for commercial spaces.

PTACs are through-the-wall air conditioners. Since they are commonly seen in hotel rooms, they are known to a lot of people as "thru the wall hotel air conditioners" or "hotel wall air conditioners." While mainly used in hospitals, the hospitality industry and offices, PTACs/PTHPs are also smart choices for home renovations such as attic or garage conversions where additional cooling and heating is required.

They don't required ducting because they slide into the wall for installation. One side supplies conditioned air inside and the other side ventilates outside. Their work horse capacity, compact design (standard 42" width and slim profile) coupled with high tech functions bump them to the commercial level. All PTACs offer cooling and electric heat with an electric heat strip.

But PTAC heat pumps or Packaged Terminal Air Conditioner Heat Pump (PTHP) units stand out for their super energy efficiency. PTHP's provide the majority of their heat and cooling output using energy-efficient reverse cycle technology. The electric heat strip only serves as "emergency" or auxiliary heat when the outside temperature drops so low that the heat pump begins to lose efficiency. Heat pumps use about 1/3 less electricity than standard air conditioning and heating. Learn about the advantages of heat pumps.

Popular Brands in PTAC/PTHP


Dynaline 3

Economical gas heat and high efficiency electric air conditioning for year round savings and comfort.

Suburban developed the first gas-fired package terminal air conditioner (PTAC) in 1985 called Dynaline. Now, in its 3rd generation design, Suburban is a leading supplier to the senior housing industry as well as other small commercial markets.

The standard 42x16" wall sleeve makes Dynaline 3 the right choice for new construction or direct replacement for other brands such as Island Aire. Gas (Natural or LP) connections can be inside or outside the room.

Each unit is individually controlled so comfort levels can be set for each room or zone. The top-mounted controls provide for High and Low speeds in both heating and cooling modes, plus a fan only mode. The Dynaline 3 can be controlled from the unit or from a wall thermostat.

The Dynaline 3 is available in four standard colors, plus stainless steel and in unlimited custom colors.

Dynaline 3 Standard colors:
• Champaign Beige
• Mesa Tan
• White
• Gray
Four capacities are available, all operating efficiently and economically utilizing R410A refrigerant.

Provides a cooling capacity of 7,600 BTU/h along with 12,000 BTU/h of rated heating input.

Provides a cooling capacity of 9,500 BTU/h along with 12,000 BTU/h of rated heating input.

Provides a cooling capacity of 11,500 BTU/h along with 18,000 BTU/h of rated heating input.

Provides a cooling capacity of 15,000 BTU/h along with 20,000 BTU/h of rated heating input.