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AC Tune-Up Schedule – You Get What You Pay For
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Your Air Conditioning system is a major investment in your residence. To maintain high reliability and efficiency, it is important to have instant ac check-ups. Regular preventive maintenance and ac tune-up is the best option to keep your home ac up and running. It might be tempting to hire a low-cost service provider for the same, but do not make the mistake! It will be a regret hard to forget!

At COOLAIR NYC, we offer ac tune-up service and sign up option for the customized maintenance plan. Carefully consider what you want for ac maintenance and hire a service professional offering ac tune-up service. Give us a call this spring to schedule ac tune-up before the beginning of a hot summer.

The air conditioner tune-up service includes –

• Checking of refrigerant level and motor amp draws
Checking of washable filters & rinse
Analysis of motor operating temperature
Checking temperature splits
Inspecting the evaporator coil indicated by temperature splits
Cleaning of the condenser coil
Checking air filter and installing client-supplied filters
Inspection of condensate drain
Checking of unit input voltage and current
Evaluating the compressor’s load amperage rate
Analyzing unit refrigeration pressures, temperatures, and refrigerant charge
Checking indoor air quality products

The maintenance service is keeping your AC active and working at peak efficiency. The tune-up service also decreases the chance of ac break down in the summer heat. We apply 100% of the cost of the tune-up towards any failure. Regular checkups are important and the most important thing is to drastically reduce the number of repairs. Our professionals are happy to come to your residence to perform AC maintenance, just before the summer. The tune-up work repairs your broken air conditioner.

We specialize in all types of PTAC Units, Heat & Cool Units and Through-the-wall Air Conditioner installations including other accessories;